Senior back-end developer (English)

Sarus Technologies is hiring!


Open Knowledge, Protect Data

Sarus software lets data scientists and business analysts work on sensitive data without accessing the data directly. They can carry on their work as usual, from database analyses to AI models with complex machine learning training, without risking any sensitive piece of information.

Sarus implements differential privacy to guarantee that analysis results do not embed personal information and that individual reidentification is impossible.

Job Description

The mission
As we're growing fast, we're looking for an experienced Python back-end developer.
His/her main missions will be:

  • Backend architecture design (databases, services architecture etc.)
  • Design and dev of API and services in Python Flask, of asynchronous tasks
  • Write worker/connector to Big Data infrastructures (Spark, Hadoop-like)
  • As a senior dev, you'll be the reference for any back-end questions, for the whole company (dev and datascientists)

With a rich and diverse mission, you'll work under the CTO, in close relationship with our R&D department.
You will:

  • Write efficient, reusable and documented code to ensure stability and maintainability
  • Follow the whole Product development
  • Define and deploy best practices

What you will find at Sarus :

  • A lot of impact on the product
  • Exctiting topics, as data privacy is hot and we are implementing and doint research at State of the Art
  • A welcoming culture, looking for excellence and accomplishment but willing to train and onboard everybody
  • A true seed-stage startup experience

Preferred Experience

An enginee or a PhD, you're looking for a startup job.
Yous love technical challenges with short to medium term goals, while being at the heart of the company strategy.
You're comfortable with Agile, which means some tough questions can be asked and project can be cancelled fast.
You have enough experience to be considered a senior Dev / tech lead, with strong technical expertise and credibility.

Technical skills:

  • data structure, algorithms
  • Python (other languages are a +)
  • Linux/Unix
  • GIT, CICD basics
  • Back-end best practices (API Design ?)

Professional English is required (French is NOT)

We're also looking for soft skills:

  • Agility : priorities can change fast: you need to be fine with that
  • Ability to understand business needs: do not over engineer your code, but deliver required quality. You need to be open to discussion with the Product and business people

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75008)
  • Possible partial remote