Product Manager in Data Science

Sarus Technologies is hiring!


Unlock the value of all sensitive data

At Sarus, we believe that the potential of AI for society can only be realized if it does not come at the cost of privacy.
We are developing a machine learning software to help data practitioners leverage even the most sensitive data assets for innovation with mathematically-proven privacy guarantees. We make working or collaborating on remote data as seamless as working on local data.
Sarus implements the latest research in privacy-preserving technology, especially differential privacy, to guarantee that individual reidentification becomes impossible.

By alleviating the constraints of data access, we make innovation faster, safer and more powerful, especially in the fields of healthcare, finance, and sustainable cities.

Sarus was founded in 2019 by three seasoned entrepreneurs with strong engineering and scientific backgrounds. Sarus is backed by top VC firms.

Job Description

Your mission

  • Goal: Design an environment for data scientists to operate on remote data without friction and for data owners to manage their data assets and privacy policies
  • Field: you will learn everything there is to know about machine learning and privacy and put it back into building a successful product
  • Product management: you will design new features, write the specs, lead the execution, define success metrics and measure impact
  • Strategy and vision: You will get feedback from clients, partners and internal teams to get inspiration and contribute to product strategy and roadmap prioritization.
  • Teamwork: As the first hire in the product management team you will interact daily with the cofounders on all team members.

Preferred Experience


  • 3+ year as a data scientist or a product manager with a track record building impactful data applications in this role
  • Deep knowledge of main data science tools and practices
  • Ease at manipulating complex mathematical concepts such as machine learning theory or differential privacy
  • Excellent communication skills, including public speaking in English
  • You believe that everything matters in a product, from the vision to the details
  • You are curious and passionate about learning
  • You get things done
  • You can take really hard problems and reduce them to simpler ones for the user
  • You are a team player
  • You believe in the potential for ethical AI applications and value privacy. ### Bonus skills:
  • Experience with data engineering and machine learning operations
  • Strong taste for design and user experience
  • Like to share your thoughts on the potential for AI to have a positive impact

Recruitment Process

To apply just put a word on why you want to join. We will get back to you shortly. If we see a fit, the process includes:

  • Intro meeting with the CEO where we will present Sarus and the job and you will introduce yourself and the reason why you want to join.
  • Technical interview with the CEO on a simple hypothetical case (small preparation work required, some of it may be in English)
  • Technical interview focused on data science work
  • Potential culture-fit meetings with rest of founding team or external advisor

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 October 2020
  • Location: Paris, France (75008)
  • Occasional remote authorized