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Unlock the value of sensitive data with maximum security

At Sarus, we believe that the potential of AI for society can only be realized if it does not come at the cost of privacy.

This is why we are developing a software to let analysts and data scientists work on data they cannot see, and surface strictly privacy-safe insights.

Our solution implements the latest research in privacy-preserving technology, especially differential privacy, making individual re-identification impossible, perfectly integrating in modern tech stacks and offering a seamless experience to data scientists and analysts.
By alleviating the constraints of data access, we make data democratization & innovation faster, safer and more powerful, especially in the fields of healthcare, finance, sustainable cities and HR.

Sarus was founded in 2019 by three seasoned entrepreneurs with strong engineering and scientific backgrounds. Since then, we have raised over €3M with top investors (Serena, Xange), been incubated and backed by Ycombinator, delivered breakthrough science, hired an outstanding team, published innovative approaches to privacy-preserving AI, built a product and signed first clients.

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